Self-Love: The Essential Factor Of Giving Yourself The Time To Recollect

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You Yourself And You Artwork By Lara Ghaith

A Perspective Toward Self-Love

Have you ever gotten lost within yourself? Like, who on earth are you? Forgotten what makes you who you are because of all the crap (which is called life) that is going on? If yes, then I have the answer for you. I hope it works cause I cannot guarantee your time back. The great and obvious solution is to take a break and apply self-love.

Even for five minutes. Do something that is 100% selfish and only for you; no one else.

See the thing is, sometimes you can find yourself hanging on some fishing line waiting for someone to pull you up. I know at one point I began putting pressure on the people around me because I started expecting them to know what to do. These expectations were obviously met with disappointments because it is impossible, even for the closest people to you, to know what is going on in your head.

It took some time for me to realize that I am the one who is supposed to save myself. Do not get me wrong, a helping hand makes the journey better, but without your own self putting effort it will never be the same. It is so often that we get hooked, on what is going on in our life, that we allow ourselves to be smothered by things that do not make us happy. Trust me, no one can be more kind to you than yourself, and no one can be more hurtful; that is why self-love is essential.


What To Do:

First most and most importantly, practice self-love. Try to make at least one night a week for you; if not one night a month. Pamper yourself, take on a new hobby, stare at your bedroom ceiling, draw your cat. Do ANYTHING that relaxes you. This is essential. As shocking as this may sound, you are a complex creature. We are capable of discovering something new about ourselves everyday—because we are layered plants with feelings. So why not give yourself the time to recollect, reflect and let things take effect? #RhymingQueen


Do not overlook the importance of “Soul Searching”, for it is an essential element in the path of self-love. Give yourself a pat on the back and a hug occasionally. Imagine what you are capable of accomplishing when you are in a good mood? Then, and only then, will you be able to find your TRUE self again.

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Lara Rain

My name is Lara but you can call me Rain. I am twenty-two years old and still do not have a direct path regarding what-the-fluff I am doing in life. I am a curious person by nature and cannot help but put myself in situations that are just… interesting? However, from every experience I somehow learned something—and this is what Rain in about. I want to share my thoughts, opinions, advices (and so much more) with the world; with whoever wants to listen. If only one person is capable of relating to what I write, then this was all worth it. So go ahead, browse through Rain, and hopefully you’ll feel like you just made a new friend.


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