Love Love: What Is Wrong With The Lebanese Dating Scene?

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Love Love Artwork By Lara Ghaith

Suggestions For A Better Love Life

Hello my little droplets! Well.. not MY little droplets, I do not actually own you…But instead, we are one rain puddle in love flustering together because of the cold winter breeze. #Still_A_Better_Love_Story_Than_Twilight. Anyway, I am going to bring forward the concept of love. Lets be more direct, Lebanese Love.

Yes, the festering crap pool known as the Lebanese dating scene happens to be a topic of interest to me. I am all about the people. Now, I am not going to add another blog post repeating the typical male/female stereotypes, I am going to tackle the issue straight up.

What is wrong with you?

Why Complicate love? Being direct with each other is not difficult and in return, it will earn you more respect. Know what you want, what you prefer in a partner, be genuine and direct. Not only will this save you time but hey, you might even end up learning something about yourself! Also, please, how about we cut the emotional crap and respect each others’ preferences. When I was overweight, some guys were interested in my personality, but were not interested in me romantically. This does not necessarily have to make them shallow assholes. Everyone’s sexual attractions work on their own and allow each person to have their own preference.

Therefore, with respect and directness, you can avoid turning everything into a giant mess. Speaking of giant, may we also cut the overgeneralization? “Most girls are gold diggers” “He is a fuck boi”. NO! Do not presume prejudice thoughts. Take your time to get to know someone. Yes, relationships are scary. I mean put together the words intimate and date, and the first possible mashup is “intimidate”— (See what I just did there?).

The idea of putting yourself other is intimidating and that is okay. Yes, rejection is a mighty fear. However, if everyone kept an open eye to things, gave more chances to get to know the people surrounding us, maybe we will start feeling more like a community.

Worst case, you do not end up dating someone, but who knows, you might meet the best people in your life.

Don’t be stuck up, be yourself.

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Lara Rain

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