Live: Make Your Life Worth Living By Living The Way You Want To Live

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Live Artwork By Lara Ghaith

Live your life and be yourself while doing it: two things I can never stop emphasizing. Yet what does it mean? what does it mean to be yourself?

Basically what I am trying to say here is that you shouldn’t hide your thoughts. Share them with the world around you. Don’t limit your actions. Don’t shape your life based on things that are trending. Live. For fucks sake can we all start living? You want ice cream at 3:00 a.m.? Do not question it. You want to leave the house but you are wearing your pajamas (so you are too comfortable), why on earth do you have to change your clothes? You went out with your friends? Put your phone down and stop wanting others to experience the moment that you are so clearly letting go of. Woke up thirty minutes earlier in the morning to put on make up or pick a really good outfit? Talk to your mother instead, enjoy a freaking cup of coffee.


Point: Live Your Life.

Dance in the middle of the street, talk to the pretty girl at the bar, say hello to the boy who you just accepted on social media. Bottom line, do not hold back your thoughts and actions. I mean we have the capability of taking action every second that passes by. Connect with the world around you. That new outfit you just paid for or the expensive gift you just got for someone could have been an experience you just missed out on.

In the long run, none of the little petty problems, you thought were major, will matter. In other words, think of it this way: when you are older, are you going to remember that shirt you once bought thirty years ago? No. Instead, you are going to remember that time you and your friends went and did something crazy. Basically, your memories are what you choose to make them and in order to make them you have to live.

So I ask you this: that hashtag in your pictures, “LIVE LOVE LAUGH”, are you really doing it? Instead of focusing on bullshit, focus on making one person smile a day. Imagine 365 smiles a year, is that not priceless? Is that not a way to live?

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774 shares, 68 points

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Lara Rain

My name is Lara but you can call me Rain. I am twenty-two years old and still do not have a direct path regarding what-the-fluff I am doing in life. I am a curious person by nature and cannot help but put myself in situations that are just… interesting? However, from every experience I somehow learned something—and this is what Rain in about. I want to share my thoughts, opinions, advices (and so much more) with the world; with whoever wants to listen. If only one person is capable of relating to what I write, then this was all worth it. So go ahead, browse through Rain, and hopefully you’ll feel like you just made a new friend.


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