Graduate Life: The Reality Behind It That People Do Not Talk About

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Graduate Life Art Work By Lara Ghaith

The Graduate Life Is No Party

Go to school they said, go to college, graduate, you will have a future.. you will have your whole life planned out for you.. Well… uh… no. “They” forgot to mention that small detail about life picking you up, chewing the crap out of you, and spitting you out on the cold streets with nothing but a small piece of diploma to warm your sorry graduate ass.

Do not get me wrong, go to university, learn what it is like to survive under harsh conditions injected with sleep deprivation, caffeine and lack of will to live—plus the occasional card game you skipped your class to play. But my dear future graduates, please PLAN what the actual fuck you are going to do. Or else, you are probably going to end up in this phase where you question every decision you have taken in your life. Even the one where you chose to suckle on your mother’s left tit instead of the right one.



Let us throw in a disclaimer before our devils’ advocates rise by the thousands and rage the online comment war; this does not apply to everyone. I actually advocate the people who worked hard and knew exactly what they were doing. I will not deny that I secretly wish you all would step on Legos barefoot; but still you guys are awesome.

As for the crowd of curious minds and no form of organization, welcome. You have just became a member of my honorary cult.


Do not panic young lost lost soul, if you have already stepped in my same pile of shit, there is still hope for you. However, we have to be realistic. Not everything is going to go your way. One day you are the source of positivity and happiness, the next you can not even have the will power to get out of bed to poop. Instead you hold it in with the rest of your dreams.

Do not hold in your shit, do not hold in your dreams. Such motivation, much wow…

But seriously, Plan, A, B, C, Z whatever it is. What do you have to lose?

The world is already scary out there, do not give it more reason to intimidate you.

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583 shares, 69 points

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Lara Rain

My name is Lara but you can call me Rain. I am twenty-two years old and still do not have a direct path regarding what-the-fluff I am doing in life. I am a curious person by nature and cannot help but put myself in situations that are just… interesting? However, from every experience I somehow learned something—and this is what Rain in about. I want to share my thoughts, opinions, advices (and so much more) with the world; with whoever wants to listen. If only one person is capable of relating to what I write, then this was all worth it. So go ahead, browse through Rain, and hopefully you’ll feel like you just made a new friend.


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